Little Idiots

Samm is a lower class demon who’s been having the worst day of his millennia: banished from Hell, his powers stripped from him, caught in the middle of a demon turf war, and a rabid escaped soul who is hunting demons and has Samm in its sight. Satan has promised to allow him back in to Hell, provided he capture the soul and discovers who helped it escape; unfortunately, that was Samm. He’ll have to wade through the middle of all of this if he ever wants to see Hell again. With the help of human detective Barney Little and Samm’s demon pal, Jude, he might just make it. But probably not.

“Little Idiots” continues the story of banished demon Samm that began with the short story, “Final Request”, and the novella, “Devil’s Advocate”. A direct continuation of the novella, “Little Idiots” contains the same outrageous humor, action and horror as only Minori’s warped mind could create. A weird panache of characters includes mentally unsound gods, therapy-bound demons, angels with  poor attitudes, a cult of losers, and Cerberus’ puppies. “Little Idiots” is due out in November 2017.

“Minori applies true life controversy into his stories with very imaginative twists. If you love a good story with unexpected and fantastical characters and plots, then look no further”

“…His stories grab hold of you right from the start and take you to places unfamiliar and exciting …each story pulls you into the characters’ mind with such compulsion.”

Available November 2017 in paperback and Amazon Kindle editions.