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Book Covers – The soul of your novel

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Book covers. They’ll make or break your book. Your cover is absolutely the most important part of the book you’re selling. After all, who are we? We’re not Steven King, Dean Koontz, John Grisham, or Anne McCaffrey. These authors are world renown. Someone once said that if Steven King put his name on a phone book, it would become a best seller. But us? If we’re lucky, we have a small fanship. Mostly, we’re relying on word of mouth, or hope that someone will randomly buy our book, not knowing who we are. Your book cover can make that happen. The worst book cover can make a great novel sit on the shelves. A great book cover can sell the worst book ever written.

The worst cover mistakes I’ve seen– people trying to draw it on their own. Even if you’re an artist, don’t...

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An American Werewolf in Panama #2

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8/12/2021 – “Everything you wanted to know about VPNs but Didn’t Know to Ask”

FULL DISCLOSURE – Christopher Minori is not a werewolf. He is, however, a US Expat living in Panama.

Let me start by saying to my dearly beloved computer geeks: Piss off. This one isn’t for you. For the rest of you– read on.

So, you finally made it to Panama, you found a place to stay, plugged in your Firestick and brought up Amazon Prime to watch a movie. Wait a dang minute– all you’ve got is Amazon Originals and a bunch of Spanish shit. Ok, you can deal with that, you bring up Netflix and it’s the same deal. You decide to try something simple like Peacock and it tells you, “Sorry, Jackass, we don’t work in your country...

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An American Werewolf in Panama #1

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7/14/21 – “For God’s Sake, Why Panama?”

FULL DISCLOSURE – Christopher Minori is not a werewolf. He is, however, a US Expat living in Panama.

Four years ago, my wife and I had an argument. That’s not to say we haven’t argued before or since, but this is one of the most important arguments of our life together (not counting the one we had where I wanted to make love on a giant pile of Oreos). My wife was 40, and I was 51. I mentioned my plan was to retire early, at 60 years old. By then, my house would be paid off, I have no debts, and my investments and 401k have done well. Should be a piece of cake for me to retire, right? Not so much.

In America, we have a terrible health care problem. Before ACA, the cost of healthcare was outrageously high...

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Stealing Destiny headed to Audible!

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Christopher Minori’s latest novel, Stealing Destiny, is currently in production to be released at Voiced once again by Daryl Mayfield, the audiobook is greatly anticipated by fans of banished demon Samm. Mayfield previously voiced Minori’s novel, Little Idiots.

Stealing Destiny is expected to be released on audio this month.

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Christopher Minori Guest Blogs on State of Security 04/21

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Christopher Minori writes another post on security at the blog State of Security. This time, he’s here to tell you about the hidden benefits of a properly deployed and documented compliance program.

Minori has 25 years of experience in the network security field.


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