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The Blender Project, Part I

I learned 3d software in college, starting with 3DS Max. I hated it. At the time, Max used a library of plugins, but the way they were used made the software feel like it was a bunch of different programs tied loosely together. This was probably 7 years ago; it may have changed now, but it was terrible then.

Once I got more advanced, I switched to Maya. I fell in love with it, and made that my minor. The Maya interface was well designed in a logical manner and the customization is fantastic. I can set up several different desktop configurations, based on the project I’m working on, and load them up at will. Sweet!

There’s two problems with using Maya:

1. Cost prohibitive. I bought the network version, so that I could run up to twelve Maya consoles at a time for rendering...

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Meeting C. Martin Croker

Got to meet C. Martin Croker at Monsterama! What a terrific animator, voice actor, and nice guy. He’s most well know for playing Zorak, from “Space Ghost, Coast-to-Coast”, but he’s also been in and animated The Brak Show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Assy McGee and others. We talked for awhile, he, an experienced animator; me, a burgeoning one. By the end, we had really connected. Plus, he sketched these out for me:


SEPTEMBER 19, 2016 – Just got the news that Clay passed away two days ago from food poisoning. He was 54 years old. My heart is broken. Not only has the world lost an amazing voice actor and animator, but it also lost a hell of a nice guy. And I lost a friend. RIP, Clay. We’ll miss you! Read all about...

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Ralph Bakshi – Animation is moving to the Internet

Ralph Bakshi is a personal hero of mine; the grandfather of independant adult-oriented animation. In an interview at Dragoncon in 2011, he makes his premonition of the future for independent animators.

“I think everything (animation) is moving to the internet. Low budget animation will move to the Internet. I think Google, and Youtube, and Netflix will all be paying for their own product. That’s where the future is.”

And he’s right. Four years later and Hulu is producing its cartoon “The Awesomes”. Netflix produced an additional Season of “Clone Wars” and has their exclusive adult cartoon series, “Bojack Horseman”. And Bakshi himself is producing his own independent film, “Last Days of Coney Island”, created entirely on computer. What a great time to be an animator!

Here’s the fu...

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