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An American Werewolf in Panama

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7/14/21 – “For God’s Sake, Why Panama?”

FULL DISCLOSURE – Christopher Minori is not a werewolf. He is, however, a US Expat living in Panama.

Four years ago, my wife and I had an argument. That’s not to say we haven’t argued before or since, but this is one of the most important arguments of our life together (not counting the one we had where I wanted to make love on a giant pile of Oreos). My wife was 40, and I was 51. I mentioned my plan was to retire early, at 60 years old. By then, my house would be paid off, I have no debts, and my investments and 401k have done well. Should be a piece of cake for me to retire, right? Not so much.

In America, we have a terrible health care problem. Before ACA, the cost of healthcare was outrageously high...

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