Dirty Little Secrets

16 Secrets. 16 Stories. A minister who’s lost his faith begins seeing the sins of his flock etched in crimson across their foreheads. A burned-out psychiatrist is visited by a most unlikely patient. A woman finds her life reflected back at her in the form of the porcelain statuettes she collects. On a desolate farm, a man exacts revenge for the violation of his daughter. A banished demon teams up with a human detective to uncover the conspiracy that framed him for the theft of innocent souls. From Christopher Minori, the creator and co-author of the cult hit play, The Texas Chainsaw Musical!, comes a horror anthology filled with unspeakable secrets. We all have a dirty little secret. What’s yours?


“Great Stories but more importantly great writing. The short story is a lost art form, but Christopher Minori brings it back to life with this terrific book.”

“Dirty Little Secrets has a twist at every turn, and leaves you thinking. Isn’t that what books are for?”

“Minori applies true life controversy into his stories with very imaginative twists. If you love a good story with unexpected and fantastical characters and plots, then look no further, this book is full of them!”

“Sometimes darkly funny, sometimes enlightening, entertaining throughout.”

“…his stories grab hold of you right from the start and take you to places unfamiliar and exciting …each story pulls you into the characters mind with such compulsion, you forget you are reading a short story”

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