Dirty Little Secrets Release Date Announced

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A release date has been announced for Christopher Minori’s Dirty Little Secrets anthology. It’s scheduled for September 4th, 2016. Initially, it will be available on Amazon with both Kindle and softcover editions, with additional retail availability to be announced later.

Minori has said he plans to pre-release several stories from the book before its September debut.

“I’m going to publish at least two or three stories before the book comes out. Fans of my play, The Texas Chainsaw Musical!, know exactly what they’re getting with my writing. But for people who are new to my work, this is a chance to see what I’m about, discover my writing style, and generally question my life choices. But, if you like the stories, you’re going to love the book.”

The stories will be released on Kindle only, and will be free of charge. Minori just asks for one thing–

“Leave me reviews. Let me know what you think. No matter how you feel about them; if you like them, post a review, if you don’t like them, post a review. If you don’t know if you like them, learn to make a decision. And then post a review.”

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