Little Idiots now available

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Christopher Minori’s new novel, Little Idiots, is now available. The novel picks up where the novella, Devil’s Advocate, left off. Samm is a lower-class demon who’s having the worst day of his millennia: banished from Hell, his powers stripped from him, caught in the middle of a demon turf war, and an escaped demon-hunting soul has Samm in its sights. Satan has promised to allow him back into Hell; all he has to do is capture the soul and discover who helped it escape. The good news is he already knows who it is. The bad news is it’s him. Samm will have to wade through the middle of this insanity if he ever wants to see Hell again. With the help of human detective Barney Little, fellow demon Jude, and a young witch-in-training, he might just make it. But probably not.

Little Idiots contains all of the outrageous humor, crazed cast of characters and ridiculous situations that Minori’s fans have come to expect from the creator of The Texas Chainsaw Musical.

Little Idiots is available HERE at on Paperback, Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Audible Audiobook

Dirty Little Secrets is available here at on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, Paperback, and Audible Audiobook

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