Beta Reader Application

Want to be part of the Christopher Minori writing process? Then volunteer to be an official beta reader. As a member of this elite group, you’ll get to review Minori’s new work, find mistakes, make suggestions, and generally whip him and his crappy novel into shape!

To be a beta reader, you’ll need to commit to reading the novel within 45 days, use a word processor program that can track changes (MS Word or libreOffice preferred) , and fill out a short form after the beta period is over.

Here’s what you’ll get:
-Your name listed in the book as part of the beta reader team
-A free digital copy of the completed book once published
-Minori’s undying love and gratitude

Apply now to beta read Minori’s new novel, Penny Dreadful!

Penny is your average teenager. That is, if your average teenager lives in a house full of rooms that can transport you through time! Her parents are missing, her grandmother is acting suspicious, and the house is trying to warn her of impending doom. She’ll need the help of her best friends and heroes throughout history as she hops from one timespan to another to solve the mysteries of the house. If she wins, she can get back to her some-what normal life. But if she loses, the world as we know it will be forever changed. When time comes calling, it’ll take a thirteen-year-old girl to save us all.

To apply, please complete and send the below form (We will never give out or sell your personal information)

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