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Children of Time: The Companions of Doctor Who now available

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Children of Time: The Companions of Doctor Who has been released. Essays from 80 different writers have been collected in this compendium of the companions that have traveled with the Doctor. Christopher Minori was was excited to have been invited to contribute an essay to the non-fiction book.

“I’ve had an unhealthy obsession with Doctor Who since I was 12, so to get a chance to be part of this project was a dream come true.”

Children of Time is available here at

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Little Idiots now available

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Christopher Minori’s new novel, Little Idiots, is now available. The novel picks up where the novella, Devil’s Advocate, left off. Samm is a lower-class demon who’s having the worst day of his millennia: banished from Hell, his powers stripped from him, caught in the middle of a demon turf war, and an escaped demon-hunting soul has Samm in its sights. Satan has promised to allow him back into Hell; all he has to do is capture the soul and discover who helped it escape. The good news is he already knows who it is. The bad news is it’s him. Samm will have to wade through the middle of this insanity if he ever wants to see Hell again. With the help of human detective Barney Little, fellow demon Jude, and a young witch-in-training, he might just make it. But probably not.

Little Idiots

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Texas Chainsaw Musical soundtrack available

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The long-awaited studio soundtrack to The Texas Chainsaw Musical! stageplay, written by Christopher Minori, music and lyrics by Cory Bytof, is available now! Recorded at Extradimensional Studios by the cast from the Arts After Hours production, the soundtrack includes all 16 songs from the stageplay, plus a bonus holiday track, “A Texas Chainsaw Christmas”, written and performed by composer Cory Bytof. 

The soundtrack is available in digital format HERE.

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10 Questions With… Jeffrey Weissman

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A true character actor is one who is so believable in the roles they take on, that you may not know the actor by name, but certainly by sight. “Hey! Wasn’t that guy in…”

Jeffrey Weissman is that sort of actor. You may not know him by name, but you’ve seen him in some huge movies. The Back to the Future sequels, Pale Rider, Twilight Zone the Movie, Max Headroom are all part of the large roster of films Jeffrey’s been in. In addition, Jeffrey’s a stage actor, as well as producer and playwright. When he’s not filming, he can often be found portraying golden age characters such as Charlie Chaplin, Groucho Marx and Mark Twain at various events and shows.

I met Jeffrey years ago through a mutual friend’s Facebook page. The first thing you learn about Jeffrey is how approachable he is...

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